Algerian Customs: Seizure of significant quantities of drugs in Mostaganem and Tiaret – Algerian Dialogue


Agents of the operational customs teams affiliated with the services of the Regional Directorate of Customs in Chlef seized more than 271,000 hallucinogenic tablets in the port of Mostaganem, and 34 kilograms of cocaine in Tiaret, according to a statement by the General Directorate of Customs.
The statement explained that “customs agents at the marine terminal in the port of Mostaganem were able to seize 271,300 hallucinogenic ecstasy tablets with a total weight estimated at 122 kg and 130 grams.”
This came “following a thorough inspection of a tourist car coming from Valencia (Spain) for an expatriate traveler in France,” according to the same source.
Agents of the multi-tasking customs team in Souqar, affiliated with the Departmental Inspectorate of Customs in Tiaret, seized 34 kilograms of cocaine, which was seized following a field checkpoint in a utility vehicle carrying a family consisting of four people, the statement adds.
According to the statement, these two “qualitative” operations devote “the utmost readiness of Algerian customs agents and their full mobilization to combat smuggling and cross-border crime in order to establish public security and order, and to fight everything that might harm public health and social tranquility,” according to the General Directorate of Customs.

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