Algeria was able to regain its position on the international scene


Speaker of the National Assembly, Salih Gojil, confirmed, Thursday, in Algiers, that Algeria has been able to regain its position on the international scene, and has also maintained the independence of its decision-making, which is extremely important.

Gogel explained, in a speech he delivered during a public session in the National Assembly devoted to voting on the text of the Finance Law of 2024, in the presence of members of the government, that “the recent visits of the President of the Republic to the states of Djelfa and Tindouf highlighted the true face of the new Algeria, and the bond between the people and these trends, which They must be preserved as citizens and officials.”

In this context, he considered that the Finance Law, which was approved Thursday by members of the National Assembly, differs from its predecessors, not only in terms of the huge budget it approved, but also in view of the political context in which it came, as it comes four years after the election of Abdelmadjid Tebboune as President of the Republic. .

After recalling the distinctive political circumstances for holding the December 2019 elections, which gave a bright image of Algeria to the world, the Speaker of the National Assembly pointed to the number of achievements achieved during this period, as “77 percent” of the 54 commitments of the President of the Republic were implemented, stressing that Algeria was able to restore Its position on the international scene, and it maintained the independence of its decisions, which is extremely important.

On the economic side, the national economy was able to “regain its breath,” according to Gogel, who considered that the economy, after four years of the presidency of the President of the Republic, “is on the right path that will guarantee the future of the country.”

As for the social aspect, the social character of the state was enshrined as stipulated in the principles of November 1, which “did not become mere slogans.” On the political side, he also pointed to the importance of the 2020 Constitution, which embodied the concept of a new Algeria based on the principle of democratic choice. He highlighted the role of the National People’s Army, which is “the guarantor of the country’s unity and the pride of the Algerian people.”

In a related context, Gojil recalled Algeria’s firm positions towards the Palestinian and Sahrawi issues, as he stressed that “Algeria supported and will continue to support the liberation of peoples and their right to self-determination.” In this regard, he mentioned that the Palestinian issue remains a pivotal issue for Algeria, which “is proud today of the sacrifices of the Palestinian people in the battles and the collapse of the Zionist armies in Gaza.”

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