Algeria: The year 2024 will be “political” par excellence


Secretary-General of the Republican National Alliance, Belkacem Sahel, confirmed that the year 2024 in Algeria will be a political year par excellence.

The Secretary-General of the National Republican Alliance, Professor Belkacem Sahili, confirmed that the year 2024 in Algeria will be a political year par excellence, especially since it will witness important milestones in Algeria, such as the presidential elections scheduled to be held in December 2024.

Sahel explained, during his speech at the activities of the party’s fourth summer university, that the political arena in Algeria is witnessing great activity, given the summer universities held by various political parties and their conferences.

Sahili confirmed that the summer university, in which several lectures were presented by former ministers, national figures, academics and party executives, under the slogan “Restoring political action, openness and dialogue… for stability and reform,” said that the summer university coincides with two important events with the birth of the Prophet. And the anniversary of national reconciliation on September 29, stressing the need to restore dignity to the political arena and politicians, in the service of the country and strategic goals, highlighting that the restoration of political parties contributes to conveying citizens’ concerns to the higher authorities – as he put it -.

In a related context, Sahili stressed the need to rehabilitate the political action of the elites for stability and reform, by involving them in political action, the necessity of reactivating the political arena and dialogue for the sake of reform and stability.

In this context, Saheli highlighted that the slogan carried by the party leadership was to restore political action and aspire to provide the best, through the formation of a national and economic elite to create wealth, and to restore political action that would establish reforms and stability.

Sahili pointed out that the aim of the party’s summer university is to work to address a number of shortcomings related to the rise in prices and the decline in the purchasing power of the citizen, and to work to propose alternatives.

It witnessed the party’s fourth summer university, in which several lectures were given by former ministers, national figures, academics, and party executives.

Representatives from various political formations also participated in it, such as the head of the Rally of Amal Algeria party, Taj, Fatima Zahraa Zerouati, and representatives of the National Liberation Front, Hamas, the Socialist Forces Front, and others.

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