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Today, Sunday, Algeria assumed the presidency of the permanent office of the General Union of Arab Veterinarians for a full term.

It was announced that Algeria would hand over the presidency of the federation, during the reading of the final statement of the regular meeting of the General Union of Arab Veterinarians, yesterday in Algiers, headed by Khaled Slim, the outgoing president of the federation, which was organized on the sidelines of the first summit of Arab veterinarians in Algeria with the participation of 12 Arab countries, under Slogan: “The veterinary medicine approach to confronting food security challenges to preserve the components of Arab national security.”

The President of the National Association of Algerian Veterinarians, Mohamed Lamine Nashar, said that Algeria’s assumption of the presidency of the Federation is in itself “a great achievement,” because the association, which represents Algeria, is “a young organization that was able in a short time to join the Federation, organize its periodic meeting in Algeria, and assume leadership.” its permanent office in record time.”

Muhammad Nashar pointed out that one of the challenges of the General Union of Arab Veterinarians is those related to making the veterinarian a producer and investor, as well as establishing Arab-Arab companies to produce veterinary materials and everything related to agriculture in general.

He added, “Among other challenges we face is adopting the same study programs in veterinary medicine in all Arab institutes.”

On the sidelines of the demonstration, a visit will be organized for the delegation of union representatives to the private institution LBVET, which specializes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. For animal use in the municipality of Rahmania, west of Algiers.

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