Algeria participates in the activities of the International Tourism Stock Exchange in Milan – Algerian Dialogue


Algeria is participating in the activities of the State Tourism Exchange “BIT Milan” organized from February 4 to 6 in the city of Milan, Italy, according to what was reported today, Sunday, in a statement by the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts.
The statement explained that the International Tourism Exchange is considered “an important opportunity to hold meetings between tourism dealers by identifying tourist destinations and strategies used to advance the tourism sector,” and is “a space that brings together investors in the tourism field and professionals for the sake of multiple commercial relationships as well as communications with various actors.”
In the same regard: “In order to highlight Algeria’s tourism image and enable Algerian tourism dealers to carry out their communication, marketing and promotional work, a space of 93 square meters was reserved to house the Algerian pavilion, which was designed in a way that highlights tourism diversity and the authentic architectural character.”
Through this event, the sector seeks to highlight the tourism components that Algeria abounds and “to seize this opportunity to intensify contact with foreign tourism dealers present at the exhibition and the media present to cover the event to provide them with all the information that will enhance and promote Algeria’s tourist image.”
For this purpose, “promotional brochures will be displayed and distributed in Italian and English, and visitors will be able to make virtual visits with 3D technology to some tourist areas.”
The same statement indicated that this participation comes “in implementation of the sector’s policy in the field of tourism promotion in accordance with what is recommended by the Directive Plan for Tourism Development “SDAT 2030”, which aims to promote and include the Algerian tourism destination among the tourist destinations traded in international markets, by relying on effective mechanisms. It is used globally, such as international salons and exhibitions specialized in tourism and travel, as “the most prominent spaces that allow access to the latest developments and offers in the field of marketing, promotion and communication.”

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