Algeria is keen to spread digitization to combat the phenomenon of counterfeiting


Minister of Justice Abdel Rashid Tabbi during a public session to discuss the draft law on combating counterfeiting and the use of forgery

The Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Abdelrachid Tabbi, confirmed, on Wednesday, in Algiers, the President of the Republic’s keenness to embody the effort to generalize digitization, as it is a strategic option and a pivotal factor in combating the phenomenon of counterfeiting.

Tabi explained, during his response to the concerns of the representatives raised during the discussion session of the draft law on combating counterfeiting and the use of forgery in the National People’s Assembly, that the President of the Republic “is keen on embodying the effort to achieve comprehensive digitization for all sectors, and he has given strict instructions in this regard and set deadlines for embodying this strategic endeavor, which is… “A pivotal factor in confronting the phenomenon of forgery that affects the social fabric.”

He highlighted that digitization has several advantages, the most prominent of which is contributing to preserving the integrity of administrative documents, ensuring the sources of their issuance, and transparency of transactions, noting that work is underway to give each administrative document its own number in order to protect it from attempts at forgery.

Tabi attributed the allocation of a law to combat the phenomenon of forgery and the use of forgery and its failure to include it within the Penal Code, to the nature of this law, which includes – as he said – preventive provisions such as obliging departments and bodies to use digitization.

By the way, a medical doctor stated that the draft law on combating counterfeiting and the use of counterfeits came in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic, aiming to prepare a special text to address the phenomenon of counterfeiting and confront it with “necessary strictness.”

The Minister explained that this phenomenon, which affected many areas, was characterized by “some people unlawfully obtaining privileges, grants, social assistance, tax exemptions, and even housing, real estate, etc., which has cost the public treasury huge sums of money over the past years.”

He also pointed out that the draft law aims to “define the rules of transactions in society and deeply address the imbalances resulting from this phenomenon, establish fair competition in all fields, ensure equality for all, preserve the integrity of documents and documents, ensure that state aid reaches those who deserve it, and define the relevant crimes and penalties.” applied to it.

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