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The Africa-Northern European Ministerial Seminar will be held in its twentieth session, from October 16 to the 18 of the same month, for the first time in Algeria this week, and it carries great symbolism and importance in view of the sensitive international situation, especially in the African Sahel countries as well as the crises. Known by several countries.

From October 16 to 18, Algeria will host the 20th session of the African-Nordic Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, under the slogan “Africa-Nordic Countries: Strengthening Dialogue on the Foundations of Common Values.”

This meeting is being held for the first time in Algeria since its launch in 2001 at the initiative of the then Swedish Foreign Minister, the late Mrs. Anna Lindh.

It will witness “record” participation compared to previous sessions, as it will be attended by about twenty foreign ministers, in addition to deputy ministers and senior government officials from the two groups, in addition to many figures who head important bodies affiliated with the African Union.

About 30 countries will participate in this session, including the five northern European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, in addition to a large group of African countries representing various regions of the continent.

This meeting aims, based on the gains achieved in previous sessions, to enhance dialogue and consultation between African countries and their northern European counterparts on many important issues related to international peace and security, sustainable development and economic partnership, and to consolidate cooperation between them at the level of international bodies, especially at the level of nations. The United Nations, in order to contribute to strengthening everything that can enable the strengthening of the multilateral global system and finding ways to confront the challenges resulting from climate deterioration, increasing migration and cross-border terrorism.

It also aims to research possible ways to promote economic and trade cooperation and activate the opportunities presented to expand partnership and investment in both directions. Here, northern European countries are expected to play their role in helping African countries rebuild their economic systems to adapt to the cognitive transformations and technological boom that humanity is experiencing.

This meeting has a “special symbolism” as it brings together components belonging to the North and South, driven by a clear common will towards cooperation and harmony and growing hope for a promising future that recognizes equal opportunities and sharing benefits, despite the state of uncertainty and the heightened severity of crises, especially on the African continent, which is in need. Urgent for all efforts

International cooperation to help them overcome these deadly situations.

This meeting is being held in a sensitive international and regional context characterized by the wave of unrest and crises that are ravaging countries and weakening their cohesion, especially in Africa, and specifically in Algeria’s close neighborhood on the Sahel, which results in the growth of poverty, famine, and poor living, and thus the loss of hope, with many people finding themselves easy prey before a scourge. Terrorism and organized crime groups.

Accordingly, this meeting seeks to consult on everything that is happening and the challenges posed by these negative phenomena that require the combined efforts of everyone. Northern European countries also remain an “active international party” in providing humanitarian assistance to Africa.

He specified the program for this session, which is expected to be “successful by all standards,” as it includes many activities, in particular three seminars, the first of which deals with the issue of peace and security and the promotion of dialogue in order to resolve conflicts. The second is devoted to the economic partnership between Africa and the countries of Northern Europe, while the third and final will revolve around On enhancing multilateral cooperation between the two groups within international bodies, especially the United Nations.

In view of the status enjoyed by the youth group and its increasing role in managing the issues of the contemporary world, it was decided, within the framework of this meeting, to devote a session to youth dealing with the issue of education in Africa, with the participation of a group of African youth and their counterparts from northern European countries, which will be facilitated by Mr. Mohamed Belhoussein, Commissioner African Union in charge of Education, Science, Technology and Creativity. This session will witness a discussion

Interactive between these young people and the foreign ministers of the participating countries.

Algeria is working, under the high directives of the highest authorities in the country, to make this meeting a success, which highlights its constructive role at the global level and at the African level as a major actor in creating peace and security and in helping African countries achieve their development, which will be further strengthened in consultation with its friends in Africa and Partners from Northern European countries who recognize their position and the value of their firm positions in line with the principles of international law and the charters of the United Nations and the African Union.

It is expected that the large attendance at this meeting of the northern European countries, whose foreign policy is based on neutrality regarding many issues, will give “an important touch and a major addition that will have a great impact” on the process of future relations between the two groups.

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