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Participants in the international forum organized at the Higher School of Management and Digital Economy in Kollia (Tipaza) under the title “The Digital Revolution, Any Opportunities for Growth” unanimously agreed that Algeria possesses great capabilities and potential to achieve a digital take-off in a short time.
The director of the branch of the Public Electricity and Gas Complex “Sonelgaz,” which deals with information and communication technologies, Abdullah Meddeb, said that the company’s experience in the field is “pioneering and long-standing, dating back to the seventies and allowing it to have absolute control over all its information systems with Algerian expertise.” One hundred percent.”
He added that thanks to the pure Algerian experience, the complex was able to develop several digital platforms and information systems, starting with internal management related to the management of human resources, to accounting and finance, inventory management, and various applications related to the management of the electricity and gas networks.
The director pointed out that the complex has a fiber optic network of more than 24,000 km and three huge information processing centers that work for applications concerned with collecting, processing and analyzing information related to the gas and electricity networks “remotely.”
Mr. Maddeb explained that digitization contributes to doubling production, accurate analysis, and speed of intervention, thus providing high-end services to customers. The complex employs 2,000 engineers in this field, including 300 who work for cybersecurity, that is, to secure various platforms and information systems, pointing out that The latter is a “sensitive and complex” field.
Regarding future programmes, the official revealed the start of disseminating information systems to all regions of the country related to the management of the “remote electricity network” and including the fields of “production, transmission and distribution of electricity” after the end of the pilot phase across a number of model states, and this is always done through Using 100% Algerian expertise.
For his part, the expert in digital transformation stressed on the sidelines of the forum, which is organized in coordination with the Ministry of Digitization and Statistics, that “Algeria’s capabilities and competencies allow it to rise to the challenge, especially with the availability of political will at the highest levels to enter this world, which requires a set of conditions, the most prominent of which is attention to competencies and Providing the appropriate climate and environment to achieve a real take-off.”
The expert stressed that “economic development in today’s world requires a digital economy, which in turn requires creating or encouraging the establishment of companies specialized in digitization and everything related to the field of media and communication technology, and secondly, urging companies and institutions to create departments or departments responsible for managing various media systems.” The mechanisms that operate and secure them, in addition to the need for the citizen or consumer to engage in this endeavor by using these applications or digital platforms.”
As for the Director of the Higher School of Management and Digital Economy, Mohamed Hashmawi, he addressed the forum’s problem related to “how economic policy makers benefit from the digital revolution to achieve development,” highlighting that the government, through a number of higher schools and specializations that it has created, aims to embody that political will by providing It has all the potential.
For reference, a group of Algerian experts and experts from five foreign countries participate in this two-day international forum, organized in partnership with the Sonelgaz Group and the National Bank of Algeria, via remote lecture technology.

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