Algeria has experienced a real revolution during the past four years


Algeria has experienced a real revolution over the past years that has seen it reap the fruits of 80 percent of the president’s commitments that were achieved

The head of the parliamentary group of the National Democratic Rally, Sanoussa Afif, stressed that Algeria experienced a real revolution during the past years, which made it reap the fruits of 80 percent of the president’s commitments that were achieved.

Sanoussa Afif explained, during his speech on the sidelines of the discussion of the general policy statement in the National Assembly, that the year 2023 came to confirm the gains achieved during the previous three years, indicating that what Algeria has experienced during the past years is a real administrative, legislative, institutional and diplomatic revolution that summarizes the meaning of the new Algeria in All its aspects and fields.

Afif added that Algeria’s “unprecedented” achievements establish an Algeria commensurate with its status and name, which would not have been achieved without the forward-looking outlook and thoughtful work that the President put into his document of commitments.

The head of the “Al-Arandi” bloc in the National Assembly continued, “We are now reaping the benefits of 80 percent of those commitments, and the government’s general policy statement highlights this, and draws an upward curve in all performance indicators, which are predominantly green.”

In his speech, the Senator touched on the situation in Palestine, stressing that the Zionist murder and criminal gangs deliberately bombed a hospital full of refugees who fled the scorched earth campaign carried out by the Zionists for two weeks, causing more than 800 casualties, including martyrs and wounded.

The Senator denounced what he described as “scandalous collusion” that reveals the ugly picture of the West’s double standards policy, which imposes all the meanings of Arab solidarity that we used to hear everywhere.

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