Algeria has been subjected to attempts to undermine the authorities and divert the course of education


The head of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, confirmed that Algeria has gone through stages in which it was exposed to attempts to undermine the authorities and divert the course of education according to perceptions and visions that make Algeria far from its affiliation and natural ties.

Boghali added, on Tuesday, during his speech at a parliamentary day on “Schools and Curricula of the Future,” that the variables are the programs that should be of their time, keep pace with development, and adapt to the transformation that humanity is witnessing in light of constant movement.

The first official in the lower chamber of Parliament stressed that the strides the country has made, and the efforts it is making today, are in line with this vision, and what the state is undertaking, whether through the Ministry of National Education or through its partners in the educational field, is worthy of note, and is the result of insight and valuable guidance. By the President of the Republic.

Boghali pointed to the importance of education in society, stressing that the educational process was, is and will remain the focus of development in all its fields, as the forms, tools, methods and procedures of education change according to the circumstances, but they remain the cornerstone, and curricula and programs may change to adapt to the reality of the situation, but There are references and starting points that can be called constants in light of the changes imposed by the era.

The President of the National People’s Assembly praised the new trends and directives that the President of the Republic has been emphasizing, and the Ministry of Education has sought to implement them. The matter here is related to extending the authority of the law, respecting the authorities, and unifying the educational system under a clear strategy to preserve our components.

Boghali stressed the inevitability of entering into the variables of today’s world, as the world has become involved in modern technologies, and there has been talk of digitization, artificial intelligence, and other necessities of the times.

Boghali reiterated that the new view included in the program of the President of the Republic is an integrated view of sustainable development, and as long as this is the case, the human being is the engine of development and its main axis, and the factor of upbringing is in a system of precise curricula, precise programmes, clear objectives, based on review, evaluation and foresight. .

In this context, Bugali noted that the measures taken by the President are evidence of this advanced awareness, as introducing technologies, linking the educational process to social and economic transformations, focusing on living languages, and other viewpoints would bring about the desired take-off and intended development.

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