Algeria expresses its denunciation of the continued blatant and provocative daily violations committed by the occupation forces in Gaza – Algerian Dialogue


Algeria expresses its strong condemnation and denunciation of the continuing series of blatant and provocative violations carried out daily by the Zionist occupation forces in the Gaza Strip, which yesterday targeted the headquarters of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, in a new violation and challenge to all provisions of international law and its customs, and in contradiction with the principles and values ​​of humanity that call for Protecting civilians and not targeting buildings of a civilian or humanitarian nature.
This attack on a humanitarian facility concerned with rebuilding what was destroyed by the hands of the brutal occupation is conclusive evidence of the intention of this entity, which knows only the language of intransigence and devastation, to destroy any possibility of peace or dialogue to end its series of attacks.
While Algeria expresses its full solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and with the sister State of Qatar against this blatant attack, it renews its affirmation that the responsibility for stopping the Zionist aggression and ensuring protection for the Palestinian people lies entirely with the Security Council, which cannot shirk it and the consequences of its inability to take action to end this. Injustice that cannot be justified in any way against the Palestinian people.

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