Algeria confirms raising the challenge to continue improving the educational system


The Education, Higher Education and Religious Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly hears from the Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed

The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, renewed the ministry’s determination to rise to the challenge to continue improving the educational system in Algeria, in continuation of the many achievements achieved thanks to the great care given by the country’s higher authorities to raising the rising generation.

During his presentation to the Education, Higher Education and Religious Affairs Committee of the National People’s Assembly, the Minister of Education affirmed the commitment and dedication of all members of the sector, and the coordination and cooperation with the ministerial sectors that accompany the efforts of the Ministry of National Education. The government representative explained that possessing knowledge is a source of wealth, power and influence, which requires continuing efforts to establish a quality school.

The Minister of National Education added that the Ministry of National Education has written a sectoral program in implementation of a road paper inspired by the program of the President of the Republic, which revolves around five axes: pedagogical transformation and restoration of educational materials, reforming the selective training and guidance system, improving the quality of supervision and improving the governance of the educational system. Enhancing and improving learning support.

For his part, the Chairman of the Committee stressed that this meeting is an opportunity to learn about the reality of schooling, as well as to learn about the reality of the sector and the problems that hinder the good functioning of educational institutions in its three phases, in addition to reviewing the outcomes of school entry and the scope of the role of the Basic Law in improving the working conditions of the sector’s members.

During the discussion, the representatives’ intervention focused on valuing the efforts made in the field of digitizing the sector, especially after the opening of the digital platform of the Ministry of National Education, and demanding support for the new states with school equipment and facilities, expanding the process of equipping and restoring worn-out school facilities, questioning the basic law for education sector employees, and demanding the restoration of… Considering the educational curriculum, especially with regard to the density of the hourly volume, in addition to a question about the book of conditions for private schools. The representatives also registered a question about the lack of supervisors in some institutions and a review of the status of contractors.

Minister Belabed had confirmed that the Ministry was working to improve the quality of education and improve the performance of the educational system in a sector that includes 29,215 educational institutions in which 11,145,598 male and female students study in the three educational levels, including 386,780 new registrants, managed by 576,457 professors, and 401,514 employees in various ranks and branches, indicating in This is due to the significant increase in the number of professors compared to the academic year 2022-2023, which is estimated at 41,274 professors, including 3,577 graduates of the Higher Schools for Teachers, 4,144 professors of the English language in primary education, and 12,877 professors of physical education and sports at the same educational level.

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