Algeria catches its full annual quota of live red tuna, estimated at 2023 tons – Al-Hiwar Al-Jazaeryia


Algeria managed to catch its entire live red tuna share for the year 2023, set by the International Committee for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna “Ikat” (ICCAT), estimated at 2023 tons, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Fisheries and Fishing Products, Thursday.
The ministry stated that Algeria’s share of live red tuna for the current year increased by 368 tons compared to 2022, equivalent to 22.23 percent.
The quota was caught through 17 successful operations between June 3, 2023 and July 11, 2023, when the fishing period was extended by an additional 10 days to compensate for periods of interruption in activity due to bad weather, with a license from the “ICAT” organization.
Algeria participated in the red tuna fishing campaign this year with 32 ships carrying the national flag, compared to 29 ships last year, “of which three are nationally manufactured by Algerian hands,” according to the statement.
The ships participating in the campaign were divided into five groups for joint fishing, in accordance with the ministerial decision dated February 24, 2022, specifying the conditions for fishing red tuna for vessels carrying the national flag and the modalities for that.
The ministry stated that these ships headed towards the fishing area at sea south of Malta since May 22, 2023, carrying national observers of the Ministry of Fisheries and Fishing Products, as well as regional observers of the International Committee for the Conservation of Red Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean “Ikat”.
The same source also pointed out that the marine fishing fleet, carrying the national flag, embarked on a journey back to the ports after the completion of the campaign.
This campaign is of “extreme importance in supporting the national economy, in view of the hard currency income it generates outside of hydrocarbons, which amounts to more than $27 million, in addition to raising the revenues of ships’ activity and creating jobs,” the statement says.
It also contributes, the ministry adds, to improving the capabilities of crews and qualifying them for large fishing on the high seas in international waters, as well as contributing to field training for trainees in training institutes and schools under the tutelage of the marine fishing and aquaculture sector, who were sailed during this campaign.

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