Algeria: Calls to accelerate the pace of digitization

Accelerating and generalizing the digitization of various sectors is necessary in order to create a transparent space that would eliminate some negative practices and achieve real economic take-off.

Representatives of the National People’s Assembly called, on Tuesday in Algiers, for the necessity of accelerating and spreading the digitization of various sectors in order to create a transparent space that would eliminate some negative practices and achieve a real economic take-off.

This came in a public session devoted to discussing the government’s general policy statement, chaired by Ibrahim Boughali, President of the National People’s Assembly, in the presence of Prime Minister Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman, Minister of Relations with Parliament, Basma Azwar, and a number of government members.

In this context, MP Saeed Hamsi (National Liberation Front Party) considered that generalizing the digitization of various sectors and accelerating its practical implementation in Algeria has become “more than necessary” at the present time, which would enhance transparency in management and eliminate some phenomena such as bribery and corrupt money.

In this regard, he considered that the digitization file constitutes a “priority of priorities” at the present time, which requires accelerating its implementation on the ground, praising at the same time the “progress” made at the level of some sectors that have been able to achieve a “qualitative breakthrough” in the field and have come great strides.” “Great” enabled it to save time and improve service similar to the justice sector.

The same thing was demanded by MP Halim Ben Sherif (National Democratic Rally), especially in light of digitization proving its effectiveness in many sectors, such as higher education and scientific research, explaining that “it is necessary to generalize digitization in all activities and fields. Despite the efforts made, a lot of work awaits us.” “This calls for benefiting from the successful experiences achieved.”

Representative Wahid Al-Sidi Al-Sheikh (Free) believes that digitization plays a pivotal role in controlling commercial transactions through bank transfers, which allows “eliminating the parallel market, reducing brokerage operations, and combating the smuggling of goods,” which will reflect “positively” on the abundance of products, and learn more about them. About the source and process of circulating funds.

During the discussions, the representatives touched on several other files, such as the development of agriculture, where MP Al-Baraa Bin Qurayna (National Construction Movement) explained that it is necessary to follow the market systematically, so that the import bill is controlled and the national product is protected without disturbing the stability of the market.

For his part, Ali Rabij (National Liberation Front Party) called for canceling the contracts of farmers who hold concession contracts without actually exploiting them.

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister, Ayman bin Abdel Rahman, presented the government’s general policy statement on Tuesday morning, before the National People’s Assembly, in a public session that witnessed the representatives starting discussions on the document, which will continue on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, with the Prime Minister responding to their concerns next Monday. .

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