Algeria calls for the immediate intervention of the international community to protect the Palestinian people


Algeria followed with great concern the development of the brutal Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent sons and daughters of the Palestinian people.

According to a statement by the Algerian Foreign Ministry, Algeria affirmed its strong condemnation of these policies and practices that violate the most basic humanitarian rules and references of international legitimacy.

In this context, Algeria renewed the demand for the immediate intervention of the international community through the relevant international bodies to protect the Palestinian people from the arrogance and criminality that the Zionist occupation has made a feature of its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Algeria also renewed its conviction that “the Zionist settlement occupation is the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict and that ending the misfortunes, scourges and tragedies resulting from this conflict undoubtedly lies in responding to the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people and enabling them to establish their independent state on the 1967 borders with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.”

It is noteworthy that the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that 198 citizens were killed and 1,610 wounded by shrapnel and missiles from Israeli warplanes in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

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