Algeria bans the broadcast of programs containing scenes of violence during Ramadan


The Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, stressed avoiding programs characterized by violence and low content during the holy month of Ramadan, recalling the necessity of strict application of the new law regulating the media and the audiovisual law, which sets clear conditions in the issue of violence and exploitation of children, respect for content, and others.

On Thursday morning, the Minister of Communication met with the Director-General of the National Radio, Mohamed Baghali, and the Director-General of the Public Television Corporation, Nadhir Bougabes, who was accompanied by both the Director of Production and the Director of Programming at Public Television, for the purpose of discussing and adjusting the Ramadan network for this year.

During this meeting, Laqab explained that the Ramadan programming network for this season must be rich and diverse through meaningful religious programs, social and dramatic series, comedy programs and sitcoms, in addition to programs dedicated to the art of cooking and children to meet the tastes of the audience.

Regarding news programs throughout the holy month of Ramadan, they will be broadcast on various radio and television channels according to a precise schedule that takes into account the privacy of the holy month.

The Minister of Communications instructed the sectoral committee in charge of selecting programs to expedite the selection and decision of those that will be broadcast during the month of Ramadan before the end of February.

Laqab also gave directives to the general directors of radio and television on the necessity of respecting the percentage of national production through this programming network by activating and activating the regional stations, whether radio or television, especially the southern ones, by introducing the specificity of each region across the country and promoting the cultural heritage and Algerian tourist destinations.

For his part, the General Director of Radio and the General Director of Television explained that everything is in order, whether at the central or local level, and that the programming network for the month of Ramadan includes several religious programs, drama series, revolutionary films, sitcoms, in addition to various other artistic and cultural programs.

On the same occasion, it was decided to hold an orientation meeting with the directors of regional radio channels and regional television stations. For reference, the Minister of Communications is scheduled to hold a similar session with the directors of all television channels to study the Ramadan network for this season.

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