Algeria allocates 2000 billion centimes to new advanced treatments


The Minister of Health, Abdelhak Saihi, revealed that Algeria recorded 47,000 new cases of cancer, and more than 2,000 billion have been allocated to advanced new treatments for cancer patients, and more than 13,000 health workers have been recruited to accompany cancer patients.

Saihi explained, in a statement by the Ministry, during the official opening of the Information Salon on Cancer in its seventh edition, “SICAN2024”, on Saturday, which extends until the 5th of this month, that cancer is creeping in frighteningly, and there are more than 19 million people with cancer in the world, and allocating It has a budget estimated at more than $1,500 billion to combat this disease.

The Minister announced, with regard to statistics recorded at the national level, that 47 thousand new cases of cancer had been recorded in Algeria, and there were cases that recovered and were cured after receiving treatment, pointing to the efforts made by the Algerian state, led by the President of the Republic, to combat cancer.

The same speaker highlighted that 21 cancer control centers have been completed across the country, and two new centers will be opened in both the states of Djelfa and Chlef soon. This strategy aims to bring health closer to the citizen and eliminate the suffering of patients moving between states to receive treatment.

Saihi also pointed out, with regard to medicines, that the Algerian state has allocated more than 2,000 billion for advanced new treatments for cancer patients, and more than 13,000 health users have been recruited, including specialists, doctors, technicians and others, to accompany cancer patients in receiving treatment.

The Minister expressed his confidence that unifying efforts and working together in effective coordination with all actors will enable us to overcome the disease. He also praised all health users for the efforts made with cancer patients, as well as the efforts made by the joint sectors, associations and civil society.

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