Algeria achieves leadership in the Arab influence and citations factor


A magazine issued by Oum El Bouaghi University ranked first in the field of mathematical sciences

Algeria achieved first place, for the fourth time in a row, in the Arab Impact and Citation Factor “ARCIF” ranking for scientific journals during the year 2023, according to what was reported Thursday in a statement by the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The same source explained that Algeria “achieved first place in the Arab world for the fourth year in a row, as 445 Algerian scientific journals out of 1,155 Arab scientific journals achieved the lab standards,” pointing to the “great progress” that Algeria made compared to last year when it recorded “the success of 370 journals.” “.

For the 2023 classification, Algerian journals were able to “achieve high ranks in some specializations at the Arab level, including first place for a journal issued by the University of Laghouat in the field of Arts and Humanities, in addition to two (02) journals achieving seventh and tenth ranks in the same specialty, from A total of 251 classified in the same field.”

“A magazine issued by Oum El Bouaghi University ranked first in the field of mathematical sciences, in addition to another Algerian magazine achieving third place out of a total of 38 magazines ranked in this field.”

In the field of political science, a journal issued by the Dar Al-Arabi Center for Research and Studies was able to “achieve first place among 68 journals classified in the same field.”

For reference, the Arab Impact and Citations Factor “ARCIF”, which was established by the “Maarifa” Foundation in 2013 to measure the influence of scientific journals published in the Arabic language, is based on 32 standards consistent with global standards similar to international influence factors according to axes related to publishing, editorial content, and diversity in the Arab and international regions.

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