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Bilal bin Qita

The state authorities in Al-Tarf celebrated with people of determination on the occasion of their International Day, by distributing 34 mobile devices for the benefit of a significant segment of all ages, which were sponsored by a financial sum estimated at 1.5 billion centimes, of which 300 million centimes were from the state budget and the rest was the responsibility of the central authorities for solidarity.
These solidarity grants spread joy among people of determination and their families, as they provided 15 three-wheeled motorcycles, to facilitate the access of this significant number of people of all ages, while 04 electric wheelchairs were distributed to a number of others, and 7 people benefited from wheelchairs for people with cerebral palsy, and 08 Ordinary wheelchairs were a delight for the donors. On the same occasion, a tire was given to aid walking, and a mattress to protect against skin ulcers for two people, while the Home for the Elderly benefited from a special wheelchair for flotation of the elderly.
Mohamed Meziane, the governor of the state, during his inspection of the achievements of people of determination studying in various solidarity groups, which were displayed in the foyer of the celebration hall, shared the joy with them, and expressed his pride and pride in the state’s absolute support for this group and emphasized the state’s role in solidarity and enhancing the status of people of determination at all levels. Levels.

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