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Bilal bin Qita

The judicial police squad in the security of the El-Bassbas district in El-Tarf was able to overthrow a criminal gang active in drug trafficking, consisting of 4 people, hailing from the states of Annaba and El-Tarf, their ages between 21 and 40 years, with the confiscation of a quantity of drugs estimated at 100 grams. The operation was carried out by the same interests and under the supervision of the competent prosecution, after monitoring and following up on the arrival of a tourist car coming from one of the neighboring states to the municipality of El-Basbas, by arresting the 4 people in possession of the aforementioned quantity of drugs and a sum of money in the national currency, and in the context of Related: A four-year-old person from the municipality of El-Bassbas was arrested and involved in a case of possession of prohibited bladed weapons, with the seizure of a group of them, including daggers, knives, and a large sword. After completing their investigation, judicial files were completed against them for possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking in a manner And against the fifth, a judicial file was filed regarding the possession of prohibited white weapons without legal justification, and they were accordingly presented before the competent judicial authorities at the Al-Dharaan Court, where an order was issued against all of them to place them in a re-education institution.
Regarding social entry, the security services of the state of El Tarf, in coordination with the regional group of the National Gendarmerie of El Tarf, starting from the state headquarters, will launch a joint awareness-raising campaign for the benefit of vehicle drivers and road users about traffic safety and proper driving rules, coinciding with social entry 2023 from the period extending from September 17. 2023 until September 30, 2023, according to a program planned across all districts of the state of Al-Tarf. During this campaign, advice and instructions will be given to vehicle drivers and road users on traffic prevention by avoiding parking and stopping near educational institutions, not exceeding the legally specified speed, Avoid dangerous maneuvers, especially in front of schools, and respect traffic laws.
Lessons and lectures on the same subject will also be provided at the level of educational institutions for the three educational levels, as well as the establishment of traffic education sheds and the distribution of awareness brochures in this regard in order to spread traffic culture, prevent physical and fatal traffic accidents, instill a traffic culture among young people, and continue the neighborhood work of the two security institutions, with This awareness campaign will continue and will include various police and gendarmerie security checkpoints, as well as educational institutions located in the Al-Tarf Province.

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