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Bilal bin Qita

Ashraf Sami Majoubi, Secretary-General of El-Tarf State, representing the governor of the state, Mohamed Meziane; At the opening ceremony of university admission, at the University of the late President Chadli Benjedid in Al-Tarf, amid a remarkable presence of professors and students, who, unusually, were present in large numbers in the university’s large lecture hall.
The Secretary-General of the state appreciated the pivotal role played by university institutions in our country, since President Abdelmadjid Tebboune assumed the reins of government, as the national approach is based on activating the dead keys to comprehensive development based on the weight of the research and innovations produced by universities, and He is full of energies, armed with science and knowledge, which will inevitably contribute to the development of the national economy, according to what was stated in his intervention.
In turn, and on behalf of the Rector of the University, Ben Chehrat Chol, who attended the official university admission ceremony, accompanied by the directors of the eastern universities in the state of Guelma, which was supervised by the Minister of Higher Education and Research, where Sofiane Sassi, Deputy Rector in charge of External Relations, stated that the University of Chedli Ben Jadid attracted this interest. The year has more than 7,500 university students, in 63 majors, including 35 at the bachelor’s level, and 28 majors at the master’s level, distributed among 22 academic and pedagogical departments.
Professor Sofiane explained that Chadli Bendjedid University attracted 6 international students, including 4 in the doctoral stage and two in the master’s degree. Chadli Bendjedid University also opened 10 new specializations for the current academic year, which contributed to reducing The burden of moving on the state’s students to access these specializations in other universities far from their place of residence. The university also witnessed in the field of innovation and emerging institutions, the registration of more than

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