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Bilal bin Qita

During a press conference at the headquarters of the Customs Departments Inspectorate in El Tarf, Inspector Brigadier General Asmaa Belkhiri revealed the outcome of the operational teams of the customs departments in Annaba and El Tarf.

The spokeswoman said that customs contributes to supporting the state’s efforts to promote and protect the national economy, as the same departments were able, during the period extending from January 1 to August 31, 2023, to seize more than 645 thousand liters of table oil through various points, especially at the Umm al-Tubul and Laayoune border crossings. In Al-Tarf, approximately 19 tons of various subsidized foodstuffs, and the customs teams seized 631 units of drones, surveillance cameras and binoculars, through various land, sea and air ports of jurisdiction.
Asmaa Belkhiri stated that the new approach of Algerian customs depends on the efficiency of harnessing all human and material support and the use of modern techniques and means during the performance of tasks, especially in the context of dealing with the movement of passengers through border crossings, as these efforts have yielded results in the context of combating drugs, hallucinogens and psychotropic substances, More than 87,000 hallucinogenic tablets, 618 grams of processed kif, and 700 boxes of various medications were seized. The authorities were able to seize more than 6,000 cigarette cartridges, more than 7,000 snuff bags, 11 “cartons” of shisha charcoal, and 400 units of materials. Beautification is part of the efforts exerted to preserve the health and safety of citizens, and the same interests have achieved many other diverse issues, such as seizing 701 units of mobile phones and devices, 110 used spare parts including engines, and 2000, two thousand units of clothing.
Recording the crossing of one million and more than 300 passengers and goods worth 16 million euros at the Al-Ayoun and Umm Al-Tubul crossings.
During the same symposium, the head of the Customs Departments Inspectorate, Fadel Ammar, stated that his departments recorded a significant movement of travelers and recorded important numbers of commercial operations, especially with regard to the export of goods during the same period, as the financial value of the goods intended for export exceeded 16 million euros at the Laayoune border crossing, and was represented by various Goods, especially glass, tarpaulins, household electrical appliances, various types of biscuits, wild onions, snails, wooden rolls, liquid nitrogen, leftover paper and paper cups, various fresh fish, food juices, electrical wires.
The same spokesman added that his departments had expedited the movement of passengers in both directions, Algerians and foreigners, amounting to more than 1,300,000 passengers during the same period. His departments also estimated an increase of 535 registrations for customs permits during the period from January 1 to August 31 of the current year, for prepared goods. For export compared to the previous year, which recorded 515 subscriptions within 12 months.

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