Al-Rahma Restaurants.. an embodiment of the values ​​of solidarity and social solidarity during the holy month – Al-Hiwar Algeria

In this regard, the head of the “Amal Algeria” association, which supervises the giant Iftar tent in Bab El-Wadi (the capital), confirms that the process reflects two main dimensions: the first is solidarity and humanitarian, and the second aims to preserve these good traditions by reviving the Ramadan atmosphere.

For his part, a member of the “Associations and Committees of the Neighborhoods of Hussein Dey,” Rashid Ziyar, considered that volunteer work opened wide horizons in consolidating the values ​​of social solidarity and serving the needy during this holy month, and this is thanks to uniting the efforts of volunteers, each according to his ability, whether with money, supplies or work. field.

One of the women who came to check on her volunteer son at the Marhaba Bab al-Wadi tent tells that she is happy with the work he is doing because it allows him to acquire the values ​​of solidarity and play an active role in his community.

In turn, many of the volunteers expressed their happiness with their contribution to the charitable work, considering that the opportunity is ripe to contribute to serving the fasting people and ensuring their comfort.

These initiatives were not limited to individual feeding, as they opened the door to receiving families, whether at the level of restaurants, as did the “Algeria Hope” association, which allocated 300 places for families compared to 900 for individuals, or as resorted to by the associations and committees of Hussein Dey neighborhoods, which distributes meals to Families before Maghrib prayer.

Meals ready to slow drivers

On the other hand, some associations provide portable meals and distribute them before sunset, which is the method adopted by the “Nass Al-Khair” association, whereby its distribution team goes to the bus station in Haidara before breakfast hour to distribute hot meals to homeless people and passers-by.

In this regard, the governorate of Algiers Province explains to the “People of Good” association, Ibtihal Laour, that the association’s activity is based on providing assistance to those in need, whether they are from needy groups, drivers, or workers who ensure continuity in various interests, which would reduce pressure at road level.

For its part, the National Association for Voluntary Work, in cooperation with the mobile phone operator “Ooredoo”, has initiated the distribution of nearly a thousand food parcels to needy families located across 20 states of the country, in a step that falls within the social responsibility that needs more openness to economic dealers to motivate them to engage in Charitable work directed to vulnerable groups of society, as stated by the president of the association, Ahmed Boumelha.

In order to contribute to strengthening the values ​​of solidarity and encourage charitable activity in the month of mercy, some associations have launched applications on social networking sites, similar to what was done by the team of the Algerian Geomatics Innovation Company, which launched an application under the name “passing the way” that allows owners of associations to have mercy restaurants. Mosques and volunteers register the locations of their restaurants on this application in order to make it easier for fasting people to find their location.

Returning to the Al-Rahma restaurants, the size of the effort can be sought, as the preparation of these tables starts early by the volunteers, as the tasks are distributed between those who undertake the acquisition of purchases and those who prepare and prepare the dishes in a scene that reflects the extent to which Algerian society adheres to the values ​​of solidarity, interdependence and doing good that stem from His character and originality.

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