Al-Hadi Zmouli, Secretary-General of Al-Hurr Students: We must invoke the human conscience in the Al-Aqsa flood – Algerian Dialogue


In his intervention in the “Dialogue” forum regarding Algerian aid convoys to Palestine, the Secretary General of Al-Hurr Students, Al-Hadi Zmouli, called on Algerian students to engage in the solidarity process for the Palestinian people, to denounce the criminal acts carried out by the occupying Zionist entity towards the Palestinian people and the attempt to erase them from existence, and to stand up. Against all those who stand with the Zionist occupier and who intensify malicious propaganda to diminish the Palestinian cause and liquidate it.

Emphasizing this destructive entity that is stripped of all values ​​and excels at killing defenseless people. Accordingly, the same speaker adds that we, as Algerians, must support, stand in solidarity, and sympathize with them with the scale of the escalation of the Zionist occupation, which used all means and tools to cause comprehensive destruction of lives and property, and hospitals were not spared from its brutality, stressing that the Zionist entity It targets not only the Palestinian resistance but all Arabs, and tries to implement its infernal project in the Middle East, and that this aggression is also a new regional conflict, calling for making the Palestinian issue a universal issue for all Arabs and that we must intensify to refute the brutal Zionist occupier.

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