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The French Minister of the Interior announced the arrest of 150 people, in new acts of violence, following the killing of a young man of Algerian origin, who was shot by a French policeman, on the pretext of not complying with a traffic checkpoint. This caused clashes between the police and demonstrators.

The Public Prosecution Office said the 17-year-old was driving a rented car early on Tuesday when he was stopped by a police checkpoint for violating traffic laws.

A video clip circulating on social media showed two policemen trying to stop the car, before one of them shot the driver from the window when he tried to drive away.

As a result, riots broke out for the second night in a row, which summoned about two thousand riot police to the suburbs surrounding Paris.

The incident sparked confrontations between police and demonstrators who started arson in the Paris suburbs on Tuesday night.

Where the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 31 people, the injury of 24 policemen with minor injuries, and the burning of about 40 cars.

And on Wednesday night, the ignition of fires and confrontations between the police and the demonstrators continued, which caused a black night in the capital, Paris.

In the repercussions of this, the Elysee announced this morning that French President Macron is calling the cabinet to convene after the young man was killed by police bullets.

It also quoted Macron as saying: “The violence that followed the killing of a young man at the hands of the police is unjustified.”

It is noteworthy that the young man is called Nael M. He is 17 years old (Algerian origins) and was killed by a bullet in the chest fired by a policeman from close range on Tuesday morning.

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