Africa Cup of Nations: The Greens enter Mauritania into the history of the competition


The Greens bid farewell to the 34th edition of the 2023 African Cup of Nations, Ivory Coast, through the narrow door after losing to Mauritania with an unanswered goal in the final round of the group stage.

The Desert Warriors failed to achieve a draw point at Al Salam Stadium in the city of Bouaké, leaving the competition after drawing two matches and losing another.

This time was historic for the opponent, who recorded his first victory in the Africa Cup of Nations finals.

For his part, this early exclusion is the second in a row for the national team, after the 2021 Cameroon tournament, during which it scored one point.

A collapsed team in every respect

The tactical system relied on by coach Djamel Belmadi repeatedly failed against the Mauritanian national team, and the players seemed unable to find the necessary offensive solutions.

Most of them also collapsed physically in the second stage, despite the coach injecting new blood into the starting lineup compared to the two matches Angola And Burkina Faso.

Comorian coach Amir Abdo succeeded in outperforming Belmadi, as he managed to close the openings after player Mohamed Delahi Yali scored the first goal in the 37th minute.

He focused on counterattacks, which revealed the Greens’ weaknesses, especially at the back line, where the pivotal duo, Issa Mandi and Mohamed Al-Amin Togay, were unable to keep up with the outspoken striker, Suleiman An.

In turn, the national team’s substitutes, such as Islam Slimani, Riyad Mahrez and Kevin Guiton, failed to provide the desired addition.

The balls provided by the duo Youssef Belaili and Nabil Bentaleb did not find the attacking line capable of putting them into the opponent’s net.

The lack of offensive effectiveness of the Greens extended until the 111th minute after Somali referee Artan Abdelkader Omar added eleven minutes of stoppage time, ending the match with a victory for Mauritania, which snatched the third place qualifying for the Round of 16.

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