Achieving water security is one of Algeria’s strategic priorities


The Minister of the Interior, Local Communities and Urban Development, Ibrahim Murad, stressed that achieving water security is one of the strategic priorities and is the motivation behind the huge projects of seawater desalination plants.

On the occasion of his supervision of the inauguration ceremony of Ben Merah Younes, as governor-delegate of Aflo, on Sunday, Murad explained that the new investment law and the new mechanisms pursuant to it will create movement and add greater transparency, noting that “the pace must continue within the framework of regular programs in order to achieve developmental equity among all regions.” .

In his speech, the Minister mentioned the great sacrifices that the region witnessed during the victorious revolution, such as the battles of Mount Amour, most notably the historic Battle of Shawabir, pointing out that these areas saturated with the pure blood of martyrs must have the face that befits them.

The same minister confirmed that the gross imbalances that some regions were experiencing were behind the huge development redress program approved by the President of the Republic.

The minister stressed that reconsidering the administrative division by creating the ten states in the south also falls within the framework of improving the conditions of citizens therein, indicating that the philosophy behind the creation of the mandated states is to qualify them developmentally and economically and make them involved within the national economic network with the aim of optimally exploiting all our national wealth and fortifying our country. From all crises and dependencies.

The same minister stressed that “Algeria is strong with its men and the unity of its people,” and that “Aflou, with its rich historical record, values ​​of patriotism, and the struggle of its generations, can rise to the challenge.”

After supervising the official inauguration of the mandated governor, the Minister of the Interior followed a presentation on the development indicators of the mandated governor of Aflou, presented by the governor of the mandate of Laghouat. The presentation included a presentation of the development qualifications of the governorate, especially those related to agriculture and livestock raising, as well as the capabilities of the activity areas in the municipalities of Aflou and Qalta Sidi Saed. In addition to the indicators of the cement factory, which contributed to national export efforts with an amount equivalent to 200 thousand tons during the last three years.

The important capabilities of the region that open horizons in the field of pharmaceutical plants, medicinal herbs, leather production and manufacturing and food industries activities were also presented.

It should be noted that the inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of local authorities, elected representatives, representatives of the revolutionary family in the region, notables and sheikhs of the region, and various activities of national bodies and civil society.

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