Abu Aita: The great Algerian people were and still are a partner of their Palestinian brother – Algerian Dialogue


Fayez Abu Aita, the Palestinian ambassador to Algeria, stressed today, Sunday, that the struggle of the Palestinian people will continue until the cause is empowered, highlighting Algeria’s ability to push for positive consequences.
When he was a guest on the “Morning Guest” program of the First Radio Channel, Abu Aita highlighted: “We are the owners of the cause. Our struggle and resistance is self-defense and confronting violations, and we are able to continue our legitimate struggle until we achieve the dream of a Palestinian state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital.”
The first guest highly appreciated the respectful and courageous Algerian position, noting Algeria’s firm position, and the Algerian President’s emphasis from the highest podiums of the United Nations: “We demand that the Palestinian people be granted their full and undiminished rights.”
Abu Aita added: “Algeria did not wait for an Israeli crime to occur in order to denounce it, and the agreement to reunite the Palestinian factions in Algeria (October 13, 2022) is very important, and a qualitative step to support the Palestinian struggle, so the least I can say is thank you to Algeria.”
Abu Aita emphasized that Algeria was able to gain confidence from the world and could push for positive consequences on the Palestinian issue, recalling the strong position of the Algerian president at the Arab Summit (November 1 and 2, 2022).
The Palestinian diplomat saluted the great Algerian people, who were and still are partners to their Palestinian brother, calling for firm international action, saying: “What is required of the international community is to restrain the occupying state and stop the daily crime, after this international community remained blind and gave free rein to Ben Gvir’s government, so the Israeli occupation state It bears all responsibility for this escalation, and we previously warned it about the storming of Al-Aqsa, settlement crimes, and attacks on prisoners, but they did not care and believed that the Palestinian people (were tamed), while on the contrary, it was exactly the opposite that happened.”
Abu Aita pointed out that the Palestinian leadership emphasized the unity of the people in resisting the occupation, referring to President Mahmoud Abbas’ directives to all institutions to strengthen the steadfastness of the united people everywhere, who are not alone on the battlefield.
The spokesman continued: “Talk about calm is premature. Moreover, the reason for the escalation is Israel, and the reason for the continued escalation is Israel. Therefore, Washington must force Israel to submit to the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, instead of sympathizing with the usurping entity and the criminal army that brags and continues to attack civilians.”
Abu Aita considered that “the Al-Aqsa flood should lead to a transformation,” noting: “In any case, the Palestinian people will not remain silent about the crimes committed on many levels. We are a great and cohesive people, and Jerusalem is the crown jewel, and we are proud to defend it.”

What is required is support and support for Palestine

Abu Aita called on Islamic countries to support and support Palestine, noting that the matter relates to a war crime and genocide against the Palestinian people, which led to the death of hundreds and the injury of quite a few.
The Palestinian diplomat was surprised that the occupation government and army used the resistance’s reaction to justify all the foolishness committed. He also denounced US President Joe Biden’s attempt to portray the entity as a “victim,” while Palestine is the victim, stressing, “This is a disgrace on America’s forehead.”

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