A training course for the benefit of professors and researchers starting from this date – New Algeria


Within the framework of the programme cooperation Indian Economic Technical announced the government Hindi announced the organization of a training course for the benefit of professors and researchers within the framework of the Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program at the level of the National Technical Institute for training professors and researchers under the title:

Advanced certificate course on design of educational applications using web technologies

According to the same statement, the training period will extend from August 7 to September 3.

Therefore, the same authorities noted that… Wishing To know more details and how to apply, see the attached file and register at the following electronic link: I4d8UlG2j/lbHmIf5Ig= =&salt0=6qiB0uEC8r84DEP1EYL9Uw==#no-back-button

Pointing out that after completing… Register The form is filled out e The following:

It was also placed at the disposal of those concerned to know information More about the application method and conditions for participation, see the following link:

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