A special basic law to promote education sector employees soon


The education sector is witnessing a continuous transformation thanks to the program of the President of the Republic

The Minister of National Education said that the education sector is witnessing a continuous transformation thanks to the program of the President of the Republic and the unprecedented, effective, sovereign and courageous measures taken, revealing that many gains have been achieved in the next few days for the benefit of teachers and other employees of the sector.

Abdel Hakim Belabed said in a speech he delivered during a media symposium to evaluate recruitment processes in various sectors, that one of the first decisions of the President of the Republic regarding the school was to reconsider the basic law for those belonging to the national education sector, led by male and female professors, due to his knowledge of the decisive, effective and important role in upbringing and teaching, and thus it will be In the next few days, there will be a basic law that will elevate the professor to the rank of educator, and there will be many gains for our professors and other sector employees.

The same minister stated that it is necessary to reach the digitization of the education sector as a whole because of the accuracy, transparency, and social justice that digitization brings, and to go to the maximum solutions in treating what concerns this sector, which had the best luck in terms of employment, as the number of external employment in the sector reached the title of the year. Academic year 2023/2024 240,738, while internal recruitment, i.e. promotions, amounted to 47,502, and the total number of administrative promotions amounted to 21,770 male and female administrators, in addition to the promotion of 36,000 male and female professors for the three educational stages. As for internal recruitment of administrative staff, 11,502 were promoted.

Regarding physical education and sports teachers, the Minister confirmed that 12,877 male and female professors were employed, and 4,144 English language professors were also employed for the second year in a row, after 5,357 male and female professors were employed last year, bringing the number to more than 9,000 male and female professors.

Regarding the academic year for this year, Belabed said that it was successful and that the state pays great attention to primary education, and that strategic decisions were taken in this phase, such as including the English language for the first time in the country’s history, and giving the task of teaching physical sports to specialists for the first time in the country’s history as well.

In the same regard, Minister of National Education Abdelhakim Belabed said that private schools must work according to the ministry’s curriculum, noting that within the framework of the monitoring that the General Inspectorate used to carry out, it was found that some private schools depend on teaching French language curricula in private schools, and that The Ministry summoned the concerned schools and informed them that they must rely on the national curriculum. In this context, he said that the curricula adopted by the Ministry are considered to stem from the culture and history of Algerian society and cannot be desecrated with the culture of other countries.

Regarding the attack that the ministry was subjected to by the French media, the minister said that the issue took on other wrong dimensions and was not based on correct foundations, indicating that the ministry did not prevent the teaching of the language, but on the contrary, Algeria is open to all languages, whether French or another language.

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