A second expected increase in the wages of education employees


The Minister of National Education, Abdelhakim Belabed, revealed an expected second increase in the wages of education employees by reviewing the compensatory system, stressing that the basic law for employees belonging to the educational corps will be issued within the specified deadlines.

According to what was stated in a media statement by the independent national unions for the education sector, a copy of which was obtained by Al-Ikhbariya, this came during a meeting between Minister Belabed, on Wednesday, with representatives of the bloc of independent unions for the education sector at the Ministry’s headquarters. The meeting constituted an opportunity to review the latest developments recorded regarding various matters. Files that occupy the educational arena, especially those related to the social professional aspect of educational employees on the one hand, and those related to reviving channels of dialogue with the social partner on the other hand.

The first official in the national education sector confirmed that work on the compensatory system is being done with great care and personal follow-up on his part, and it will be an important gain for education employees as it is a second increase in wages in addition to those approved by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

Belabed revealed that its preparation has been completed in implementation of the recommendations of the President of the Republic stipulating the necessity of reviewing the basic laws of the sector, noting that the new text is considered a social and professional gain that will advance the professors and various workers in the sector and will be issued within the specified deadlines according to the specified time limit, awaiting the President of the Republic’s signal to announce its issuance. .

The independent education unions of the national education sector have previously requested that they be handed over a paper copy of the draft basic law for employees belonging to the national education sector, which will be the decisive factor in the sector.

The nine unions that signed the statement appreciated the review of the compensation system in parallel with the basic law for educational employees, because of the improvements it will add to the professional and social situation of the sector.

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