A punishment that calls for contributing to improving the professional practice of media


Minister of Communications, Mohamed Laqab, after the National People’s Assembly approved the draft law on the written press, the electronic press, and the draft audiovisual law

On Monday in Algiers, the Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, confirmed the keenness of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to issue “clear and precise” laws to regulate the communications sector, calling on everyone to contribute to improving the professional practice of the national media.

Following the National People’s Assembly’s approval of the draft law on the written press, the electronic press, and the draft law on the audiovisual press, Laqab confirmed that the President of the Republic had issued “strict instructions to issue clear, precise and strong laws to regulate the communications sector in Algeria,” calling for everyone’s contribution to “promoting the national media.” “In thought, practice and legislation, we have reached the highest levels of which our proud people are proud.”

He mentioned, on the occasion, the “positives” contained in the two draft laws related to the written press, the electronic press, and the audiovisual press, noting in particular the “clarity and accuracy in the wording and setting the deadlines regarding granting licenses and valuing the university degree, especially the degree in media and communication sciences.”

He stressed that these two texts also include “a requirement for national capital” as well as “closing the door to monopoly,” in addition to approving “punishments, most of which are related to management and not liberalization,” as there is – as he said – “no penalty depriving of freedom.”

In a related context, Laqab stressed that the two texts included “professional privileges for media professionals,” citing in this context the obligation of media institutions to guarantee “recapitalization and life insurance while covering activities in areas of danger or epidemics, as well as the right not to sign if modifications are made to the original content and legal protection from Forms of violence and intellectual property rights.

The Minister added: “Privileges for publishers or owners of media institutions have been included, including the adoption of a permit system, especially for electronic and print journalism,” in addition to “strengthening the status of electronic journalism, which is one of the most prominent concerns of President Tebboune, who ordered its inclusion in the Transactions Law and in the distribution of the article.” Celebrity.”

On the other hand, the Minister of Communications pointed out that this legislative system “takes into account the concerns of all those involved in media work, respects the societal value system, and contributes to strengthening the elements of national identity.”

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