A participatory policy to make the Algerian university a locomotive for economic development


The university will continue to pursue participatory policy to form a locomotive for economic, social and cultural development

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, confirmed that the university will continue to pursue a participatory policy, thus forming a locomotive for economic, social and cultural development.

In a special meeting with him, the Minister explained that the start of the 2023/2024 university year, starting on September 23, was good thanks to the combined efforts of all actors in the sector, which is what will be invested in by continuing to pursue the participatory policy to make the university a locomotive in development. By accompanying students and their projects, as well as working to meet the needs of the community.

He added that this “will enable investment in gray matter and its transformation into an industrial, economic and cultural material product so that Algeria will be a beacon in its region as well as in the world, by achieving a citizen university that is in line with the concerns of its surroundings as well as the requirements of the state within the framework of government policy and the commitments of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid.” “Tebboune.”

The Minister reviewed the developments that marked this university entry, which he identified in the digitization of governance activities and several pedagogical and scientific activities, the inclusion of new specializations in line with the professions of the future, mainly focused on artificial intelligence, robotics, tomorrow’s medicine, applied mathematics, and nanotechnology.

University Entry was also known for strengthening the basic structures, through – as he said – receiving a large number of structures, represented by more than 20,000 beds and 40,000 pedagogical seats across the various states of the country, as well as equipment, in addition to creating sections within the management budget specializing in To support innovation, such as the expenses of filing patents, innovation, and the expenses of establishing start-up institutions.

Regarding the sector’s strategy of “university degree – start-up institution / university degree – patent,” Badari revealed that this step “represents an application of the principle that the university has three tasks, namely education, scientific research, and wealth creation, which is embodied through the development of emerging institutions that create… “Job positions make scientific research and innovation determinants of economic growth, while other students can go on to establish mini-enterprises with funding from the National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development.”

As a result of the process, last year recorded the submission of more than 8,600 projects by students, of which 2,800 innovative project applications were submitted to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Start-ups and Small Enterprises, and 295 have been granted innovative project status so far, while the process remains ongoing until the end of the current year. It was also recorded that 894 patent applications were filed with the Algerian National Institute of Industrial Property.

For reference, the Ministry of Higher Education, along with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Emerging Institutions and Micro-enterprises, had named the year 2023 “the Year of Artificial Intelligence,” a bet whose success Badari confirmed through the creation of the National Council for Artificial Intelligence, which consists of Algerian specialists, professors, and researchers from inside and outside the country. .

He explained that in the context of achieving this, work was done to bring citizens and society as a whole closer to artificial intelligence through the creation of 17 artificial intelligence houses, revealing that his interests seek to establish an artificial intelligence house at the level of every university institution, with the aim of organizing meetings, lectures, and intellectual and applied classes on artificial intelligence. .

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