A moneylender reviews the achievements of his sector at the closing ceremony of the training year – New Algeria


Review minister Vocational training and education, Yassin Marabi, on the sidelines of the closing ceremony that culminates the formative year of the vocational training and education sector for the 2023-2024 season, what this year brought, and the achievements it presented, which carried the slogan of the year of digital transformation and economic interaction.”

Marabi noted the pivotal role assigned to it With a sector Vocational training and education to accompany and keep pace with the various economic sectors in providing qualified labor to achieve the major goals of development in our country, which fall at the heart of the program of the President of the Republic, which made vocational training a means to promote youth employment and stimulate the economy and national production, through the basic axes that support this. The endeavor, which is mainly represented in expanding the infrastructure network dedicated to training, developing centers of excellence in partnership with economic institutions, developing the concept of training contracts as a mechanism to integrate holders of vocational training certificates into the world of work, and enhancing training offers directed to people with special needs and in penal institutions.

The same official said, “To embody these axes, the vocational training and education sector adopted a strategy aimed at improving the quality of vocational training and education, which in turn is based on three basic axes contained in an action plan.” the government Which came in implementation of the commitments of the President of the Republic, which are to improve the quality of training, strengthen technical, scientific and technological education, link vocational training and education to the economic sector, and digitize and modernize the sector.
He added, “These axes, which in turn branched out into activities and actions that we worked to accomplish throughout this period, many of which we achieved thanks to the mobilization of the vocational training and education family in its various branches and the care that we received from the highest authorities in the country, led by the President of the Republic, which are recorded and registered in the credit of his multiple achievements in In various fields, which clearly demonstrates the extent of his interest in the concerns and aspirations of various groups and segments of society.”

The government representative also acknowledged that Festive This year will be distinguished from other previous years, by focusing on highlighting what has been accomplished at the sector level in terms of activities, works, initiatives, projects and achievements of graduates from the sector, and those who hold job positions, with the aim of motivating them to enter the world of entrepreneurship and break into the field of small enterprises and institutions. Emerging organizations on the one hand, and inviting the various employing bodies and public and private economic operators associated with the sector who contributed to the processes of placing our professionals in their institutions and who were employed after the end of their training course in those same institutions on the other hand.

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