A framework agreement between the Ministry of Interior and the National Observatory for Civil Society


Interior Minister Ibrahim Murad signs with the head of the National Observatory for Civil Society, Noureddine Ben Braham, a framework agreement for cooperation between the two sides and the protocol attached to it.

On Wednesday, in Algiers, a framework agreement was signed between the Ministry of the Interior, local groups, urban development and the National Observatory for Civil Society, with the aim of coordinating efforts, especially in the field of improving capabilities and training, enhancing transparency in collective work and making it assume its full role as a contributor to public work.

This agreement was signed by the Minister of Interior, Local Communities and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Murad, and the head of the National Observatory for Civil Society, Noureddine Ben Braham.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion, Murad explained that this agreement allows “coordination of efforts to accompany civil society, especially by improving capabilities and training to allow for greater involvement of civil society in the management of public affairs,” adding in the same context that one of the most important axes included in this agreement is “advancing Greater transparency in collective work and protecting associations from suspicious sources of funding through continuous training and awareness-raising, in implementation of Algeria’s international obligations.”

The Minister also explained that this agreement is a “pillar of cooperation” between the Ministry and the Observatory in order to “enable civil society and the associational movement to engage in participatory work with public authorities at the central and local levels in accordance with the new approach laid by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, as an embodiment of his 54 commitments.” “.

He pointed out that the signing of this agreement comes in the midst of “the dynamism that the associational movement knows as a force of suggestion and a key actor in implementing public policies,” and it also comes – the minister adds – “in recognition of the genius that civil society has shown in dealing with the various events that our country has witnessed.”

In the same context, Murad highlighted that this agreement also comes within the framework of “the field and actual implementation” of the provisions of Articles 10 and 16 of the Constitution, as well as in implementation of the instructions of the President of the Republic related to “accompanying the National Observatory for Civil Society in order to implement its programs and projects,” in addition to “listening to the concerns of the citizen.” Through associations and involving them in decision-making that directly concerns them or concerns development in various fields.”

The minister added: “This agreement also aims to make the associational movement fully assume its role as a contributor to public work, as well as to encourage and promote consultation between public authorities and civil society.”

In conclusion, Murad reiterated the necessity of “involving the citizen in everything that public authorities do,” mentioning in the same context that the President of the Republic “places the citizen at the center of all his concerns,” which is, as he said, “a tangible reality.”

In turn, Ben Braham stated that the transformations that the world is witnessing today call on civil society to “enhance transparency through training and awareness-raising, especially among association officials.” He also highlighted that the President of the Republic’s policy aimed at improving the performance of civil society “is based on coordination with public authorities” and also requires civil society to be “informed of the citizen’s concerns.”

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