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On Thursday morning, the European Court of Justice surprised the European Football Association by rejecting the measures it had taken, with the support of the International Federation of Football, against a group of European teams regarding the “Super League” project.

This was followed by a threat by the European Union, led by its Slovenian president, Aleksander Ceferin, to the officials of the 11 clubs that agreed to join the project, with most of them later withdrawing (10 clubs).

While the Spanish football giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​insisted on moving forward and transferring the case to the corridors of the European Court of Justice.

The court recognized the illegality of the UEFA decision prohibiting European clubs from establishing a private competition, as was the case with the aforementioned competition.

She confirmed that this is a violation of European Union competition regulations.

UEFA, in turn, moved to respond, issuing a statement in which it attempted to clarify the court’s decision, emphasizing that it does not represent an actual statement for the clubs to revive the “Super League” project.

The same statement also indicated that the amendments made to some of the Federation’s laws in June 2022 will highlight the technical gaps, especially those related to granting prior approval for the launch of competitions.

Perez: The future of any club is in his hands

Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez is considered the happiest football official following the ruling issued by the European Court of Justice.

Berez is considered the godfather of the “Super League” project, as he did not hesitate to appear several times in the media to defend it.

The “Merengue” president appeared in a video clip broadcast by the club, in which he said: “We, the Real Madrid FC family, warmly welcome the decision adopted by the European Court of Justice, which is charged with defending and guaranteeing our rights, principles and freedoms.”

He added: “In the coming days, we will carefully study the content of this decision, but before that, we must stop at two basic conclusions that emerged from this file. The first is that European club football has never been and will never be the monopoly of a specific party. The second is that the future of the clubs depends on the latter, as “Determine it however you want.”

The major European leagues oppose the idea

Officials of the major European leagues, such as the English Premier League and its Spanish counterpart, were quick to confirm their commitment to rejecting the “Super League” project.

The Premier League indicated that the content of competition in the form of the Super League represents a threat to the essence of the football game, which is based on the principle of promotion and relegation and the crowning of the winner.

While the “La Liga” statement stated that the emergence of this competition threatens the profitable revenues of the local league.

Napoli is studying the possibility of joining Real Madrid and Barcelona

The president of the Italian club Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, expressed his willingness to study the possibility of joining the “Super League” project.

Unlike Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid and other European teams that were the first to stick to their positions by supporting UEFA, the Italian League champions defied all expectations with this outcome.

To become the first European club to support the tournament following the decision of the European Court of Justice.

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