A delegation from the National People’s Assembly in the state of El Bayadh to attend the memorial service of MP Lakhdari, may God have mercy on him – Algerian Dialogue


Commissioned by the President of the National People’s Assembly, Ibrahim Bougali, a delegation from the National People’s Assembly, led by the Vice-President of the Assembly, Mr. Habanassi Miloud, and including five chairs of permanent committees and representatives from various parliamentary groups, was transferred yesterday, Saturday, to El Bayadh State, in order to attend the memorial service of MP Lakhdari, may God have mercy on him. God.

The delegation was received in the hall of honor at El Bayadh Airport by the governor of the state, Belaribi Noureddine, the head of the state People’s Assembly, Mr. Kadouri Miloud, in addition to representatives of parliament from both chambers, members of the security committee, as well as local authorities.

The deputies then went to the deceased’s residence, located in the “Bou Qutb” district, in order to offer condolences to his wife, children, and family members.

This was an occasion in which everyone praised his good qualities and morals, for which he was known during his life.

After that, the delegation moved to the deceased’s birthplace in the municipality of “Tosmolen” (El-Beidh).

Which hosted the memorial service for the deceased, which was attended by representatives of the local authorities and a large crowd of citizens.

During this memorial service, the Vice President in charge of tasks related to the affairs of representatives, Habanassi Miloud, read out a letter sent by the President of the National People’s Assembly, Mr. Ibrahim Bougali, to the family of the deceased, in which he praised the qualities of honesty, honor, and tireless keenness to honor the mandate that he bore honestly. In it, the deceased was “a man of high morals and high determination, and he was honest and humble,” and Mr. Boghali expressed in his message, on behalf of all the representatives with their various political affiliations, the mobilization of everyone to take care of the concerns of the family of the deceased, whom everyone missed by surprise.

It is noteworthy that the representative of the state of El-Baidh, Al-Eid Lakhdari, passed away last Thursday following a severe illness at the age of 45. He held a state engineer’s degree in computer science, and a bachelor’s degree in Sharia, and he was elected as a representative in the National People’s Assembly for the Movement for Society for Peace during his term. The current parliament.

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