A call for concerted efforts to build a strong and secure Algeria


Calls for concerted efforts and engagement in building a strong and secure Algeria

The head of the Rally of Hope of Algeria (TAJ) party, Fatima Zahraa Zerouati, appealed at length, Saturday, from Batna, for “joining efforts and engaging in building Algeria to be strong and secure.”

Zerrouati stated, while supervising a popular gathering at the Mohammed al-Eid Al Khalifa House of Culture in the state capital, in front of activists and sympathizers with its political formation, that “Algeria needs all its people, and it needs us to be a strong group and an impenetrable dam against which all attempts that want to harm our youth, our patriotism, our heritage, and our civilizational affiliation will collapse.” “The ancient one.”

Zerrouati stressed that Taj is “an inclusive national party that believes that everyone in the political arena is its partner,” adding that “we seek to work hand in hand in order to strengthen confidence and instill hope among Algerians, as well as solidarity among all of us and pride in our Algerianism so that we can live up to the sacrifices of the righteous martyrs.” .

She added, “We must all contribute to building Algeria, especially the youth, who will carry the torch and preserve the country and its gains.” The Palestinian issue took up a large part of Zerrouati’s speech, such as praising Algeria’s supportive position and support for it. She said, “We will not deviate, change, or retreat. We will remain, not sympathetic, but supportive of this issue in all available ways.”

The head of the Algeria Amal Rally party praised the solidarity gesture and the massive marches through which Algerians expressed their solidarity with their brothers in wounded Gaza against the barbarism of the Zionist occupier.

She added that this popular gathering came “in memory of the martyrs of the blessed liberation revolution, as well as to have mercy on the martyrs of Palestine and to support and support its just cause.”

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