A “backstage” war rages among people on the eve of the 11th conference


The behind-the-scenes war in the Aflan headquarters intensifies on the eve of the Eleventh Conference

Just hours before the eleventh conference of the National Liberation Front “Aflan” was held in the capital, the “behind the scenes” war intensified at the headquarters of the future party and on social networking sites, battles to mobilize support and try to influence the ranks of the congressmen who will once again determine the main and important axes of the party.

On Saturday, the Aflan Party will hold its eleventh conference at the Abdellatif Rahal International Convention Center in Algiers, amid record participation of activists, as most hotels and accommodation centers west of the capital and in Tipaza have been booked to receive about 5,000 delegates expected to participate in this important event for the party. Al-Atid, where they will in turn elect the members of the Central Committee, which was specified in the regulations that will be presented for approval at 350 members.

This comes at a time when many activists on social media sites are sharing the party’s follow-up pages, through wide open discussions on social media sites, that there are many surprises that the Eleventh Congress will witness, especially in light of some people’s speculation that the Secretary-General of the current future party will not nominate. Abu Al-Fadl Baaji, for the position of Secretary-General of the party during the 11th Congress.

On the other hand, supporters of the party’s current Secretary-General, Abu al-Fadl Baaji, launched a massive campaign on social media in order to support him and keep him in the struggle base of the Aflan nationally, insisting and adhering to Baaji Abu al-Fadl remaining Secretary-General after the 11th Congress to complete his historical achievements in the National Liberation Front Party.

These sources and pages explained that Baaji Abu al-Fadl succeeded in achieving the Aflan’s alignment after everyone demanded that he be admitted to the museum, as he succeeded in leading the Aflan to support the electoral campaign to amend the constitution, his success in leading the Aflan to occupy first place in the parliamentary elections, and to occupy first place in the local elections, and to occupy First place in the mid-term elections for the National Assembly.

On the other hand, the central administration of the future party has completed the final touches to the list of delegates to the conference, whose number exceeds 5 thousand delegates, including representatives of the community, and the final procedures for holding this important political event in the future party.

The representatives of Parliament from the National Liberation Front explained that the eleventh conference will be a great success, especially with regard to the record participation of activists and delegates across the various governorates and divisions, as attention turns Saturday to the west of the capital because of the many surprises that the eleventh conference of the Flan will bring.

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