7 recommendations for moving towards digital administration in Algeria


Demands to accelerate the transition from traditional administration to digital administration in Algeria

In its first edition, the members of the committee drafting the recommendations of the international forum called for the necessity of accelerating the transition from traditional administration to digital administration in Algeria, according to a comprehensive and clear strategic vision, which contributes to achieving the quality of public service and the transparency of administrative transactions.

The forum, according to a press release, was an initiative of the New Media Research and Studies Laboratory and the Department of Media and Communication Sciences at Mohamed Boudiaf University in M’sila, and witnessed the participation of more than 250 scientific papers, both in person and remotely. As well as 06 international universities, and more than 40 national universities.

The committee also agreed, during this forum entitled: “Digital administration and its role in modernizing public administration in Algeria,” and based on the recommendations presented by the professors participating in the activities of the various scientific sessions, both in-person and virtual, to agree on the recommendations according to the workshops and scientific sessions.

The same source also urged to accelerate the transformation from traditional management to digital management in Algeria, by providing the necessary requirements for implementing digital management “human, technical, legal and cybersecurity resources.”

As well as strengthening the digital infrastructure in Algeria. Based on benefiting from partnerships with emerging institutions working in the digital field.

Ensuring the strengthening of the digital management application project. Built according to a comprehensive and clear strategic vision. Ensures a smooth transition from traditional management to digital management within the framework of digital transformation.

And work to move towards digitization, which contributes to enhancing citizen confidence. Achieving quality public service and transparency of administrative transactions, while spreading digital awareness, through continuous training. For all human actors related to digital management, (spreading technological culture and digital awareness)

And creating a common portal, which includes all digital platforms for all sectors. With the aim of unifying the exchange of government information and data to ensure transparency and achieve administrative effectiveness, and to establish the International Forum on Digital Management as an annual edition, provided that relevant topics are addressed.

Participants in the activities of the International Forum on Digital Administration and its Role in Modernizing Public Administration in Algeria appreciated the efforts of the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and the Ministers of Higher Education, Kamal Badari, and the Minister of Knowledge Economy, Yacine Walid, in the field of enhancing the trend towards digitalization and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, to create wealth and support the national economy.

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