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The success rate for the intermediate education certificate exam “June 2023 session” at the national level was 60.97 percent, for those who obtained an average equal to or greater than 9.5 out of 20, according to what the Ministry of National Education announced, today, Sunday, in a statement.
The number of educated candidates registered in this exam, which took place from 5 to 7 June, reached 788,703, the number of educated candidates present was 781,960, and the number of successful educated candidates was 476,760.
As for the students admitted to the first year of high school, their number – according to the statement – reached “513,683 students, or 65.13 percent.”
In the same context, the number of successful learners reached 213027, distributed according to the ratings as follows: “Excellent grade (4810), very good grade (34782), good grade (68312) and close to good grade (105123).”
On this occasion, the Ministry of National Education extended its congratulations to all those admitted to the first year of high school, wishing them “more excellence and success in their academic path, and better luck for those who did not succeed.” It also thanked all members of the educational family for “their efforts they made throughout the school year and all ministerial departments.” And the security wires contribute effectively and efficiently to the success of this exam.”
It is noteworthy that the success rate in the intermediate education certificate exam for the June 2022 session had reached 59.16 percent at the national level.

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