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Today, Thursday, the representative of the Ministry of Health, Lakhdar Amqran, the doctor coordinating the health sector in the Kasbah, enumerated five basic steps to avoid the damage of the heat wave.

When he was a guest on the “Morning Guest” program for Radio One, Amqran focused on the need to avoid going out during hot times (ten in the morning… two in the afternoon… four until five in the afternoon), and continued: “When the outside temperature is higher than the inside, one should not open windows.”

The speaker advised to stay away from sugars and coffee (caffeine is an irritant), ice cream and soft drinks that contain high levels of sugar and have serious neurological and physical effects on humans.

Amqran called for avoiding gardening and sports in high temperatures, and also stressed the avoidance of consuming mineral water bought from merchants who put it in the sun, as long as this exposes it to dangerous biochemical hazards.

The guest of the morning pointed out the necessity of avoiding the heavy use of household electrical appliances in the height of summer, and using them rationally, with the necessity of not running air conditioners all night and for long periods during the day and not programming them at 16 and 17 degrees.

Amqran explained: “Head pain, the desire to vomit, extreme thirst, an abnormal rise in temperature (38.5), redness, mental confusion, all these are signs of heatstroke, and they mean an urgent situation that must be taken care of.”

The representative of the Ministry of Health advised that the heat-affected person should wet his head with a piece of cloth without drinking cold water immediately, noting that the groups most vulnerable to sunstroke relate to children, those with chronic diseases, the elderly, and workers who work under high temperatures.

Regarding food poisoning, Amqran warned of the importance of taking care of the shelf life of goods, and adjusting the temperature of refrigerators at the required level (4 degrees), while respecting the cold chain.

And the health expert insisted on fully cooking the meat, and avoiding the consumption of suspicious (bulging) preserves, with caution in using knives and other cutting tools.

Amqran identified the signs of food poisoning in: abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, and dehydration, and he highlighted the sensitivity of using hygiene rules, adding that the responsibility is shared between health practitioners, citizens, civil society, and the media.

In contrast to his plea for the behavior of citizenship, Amqran affirmed that Algeria eliminated water-related diseases, but the effectiveness of Algeria’s preventive policy that makes citizens live in safety does not mean compromising the behavior of true citizenship.

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