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The number of dealers who obtained final accreditation to practice the activity of vehicle dealerships of various types reached 38 dealers, including 12 dealers specialized in marketing tourist cars, according to what was reported today, Sunday, by the Central Director of the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production and head of the Technical Secretariat for following up on the vehicle file, Miqdad Aqoun.
Aqoun explained during his intervention on the radio waves that “38 dealers were able to obtain the final accreditation to practice the activity of vehicle agents of various types (tourist, utility, industrial, machinery, motorcycles, buses, trucks), including 12 agents specialized in marketing tourist cars.” Pointing out that this number represents “an average of one approval every 10 days” since the start of the process.
In this regard, the official stated that the process of granting approvals had been initiated since the issuance of the two executive decrees specifying the conditions and modalities for practicing the activity of new vehicle dealers and practicing the vehicle manufacturing activity, on November 17, 2022, as “the public authorities, especially the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production, took the necessary regulatory measures for this in Circumstance
About eight weeks.”
Accordingly, he highlighted in this regard that the process of granting accreditations included, within a period of 10 months, the study of about 300 files or desires to invest in this sector, during which 112 files were accepted, 70 of which obtained a prior license to practice the activity, resulting in the granting of 38 final accreditations. To practice the activity of agents, that is, 60 percent, after completing all the conditions required in the book of conditions.”
Of the 38 final approvals that were granted, Mr. Aqoun says, 24 marks obtained a certificate of respect from the Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion, which will allow the import of about 180,000 units before the end of the current year, pending the completion of the remaining marks (14 marks) for the procedures to start the process. Import.
Regarding the officially approved brands, the official indicated that 79 percent of them are Asian and 21 percent are European brands, explaining that the process of importing vehicles is a “temporary” measure aimed at meeting the needs of the market and providing vehicles locally.
In this context, he pointed out that this measure has begun to bear fruit, thanks to the vehicles that have been imported so far, as a decline in the level of vehicle prices in the national market has been recorded, highlighting that the entry of other brands in the coming days will enhance this downward curve of prices.
Aqoun pointed out that the process of marketing imported vehicles is a phased process before moving on to embodying the state’s strategic goal, which is “reaching a real, permanent industry that creates permanent job positions, contributes to economic recovery, wealth creation, as well as raising the proportion of the gross domestic product.”
He pointed out that this desired industry also passes through encouraging handling, calling on dealers and agents to “begin integrating the production of some accessories and vehicle parts locally in order to increase the integration rate.”
When referring to the project of the Italian “Fiat” brand factory in the state of Oran, the official indicated that “the available data indicate its official launch next December,” highlighting that the year 2024 will be “a manufacturing year for the public and private sectors in this field” through the various existing car factories. Or it is expected to be embodied in various states.

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