340 thousand registered to enroll in vocational training institutions


The vocational training sector counted more than 340,000 registrants through the sector’s electronic platform

The Minister of Vocational Training and Education, Yassine Marabi, revealed on Monday, in Algiers, that the sector has counted more than 340,000 registrants through the sector’s electronic platform to join training institutions, in anticipation of the next training entry.

The minister explained, at the Algerian Radio Channel 1 forum, that the sector counted more than 340,000 new registrants to join training institutions, as part of the initial registrations through the sector’s “My Career” platform, in anticipation of the training entry scheduled for October 8th.

Marabi stressed that the sector is ensuring the success of the upcoming training entry, adding that the sector contributes to supplying the national economy with qualified labor. For this purpose – the Minister adds – all the necessary capabilities have been harnessed in anticipation of the upcoming training entry, such as the pedagogical means and training institutions estimated at 1,225 institutions, in addition to the specializations available in the pedagogical program for vocational training and in the various types of training, including in-person training and training through vocational training. As well as remote training.

The minister stated that the sector focuses, through training offers, on priority professional sectors, including industry, digitization, construction and public works, electricity professions, agriculture, hotel and tourism, traditional industry, water and the environment, adding that the sector has concluded partnership agreements with economic institutions in various sectors. the states.

Regarding the new specializations, Marabi confirmed that “new specializations that are important to the national economy and accompany the state’s directions” will be included in the next training course, including seawater desalination.

Marabi added that another specialization in the field of railways has also been included in the vocational training centers for the states of Bashar, Setif, Djelfa and Boumerdes, in order to accompany national projects in the field of railways by training a qualified workforce, especially in the train mechanics professions.

On the other hand, the Minister indicated that the next entry will include continuing to strengthen the training system for the benefit of unemployment grant beneficiaries, along with other bodies in vocational training programs, similar to the training system in rural areas.

Regarding the training of people with special needs, he mentioned the training program directed to this category, adding that new pedagogical seats have been provided for the benefit of this category for the next entry, at the level of the specialized regional centers located in the states of Laghouat, Algiers, Skikda, Boumerdes and Relizane, adding that it will be Opening two (2) more centers in the south of the country.

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