29 people died and 188 others were injured in traffic accidents during the past 72 hours – New Algeria


During the last 72 hours, the National Gendarmerie recorded, across its areas of jurisdiction, the death of 29 people and the injury of 188 others with varying seriousness injuries as a result of 99 traffic accidents.
In the same regard, the head of the Liaison Office of the Information and Traffic Coordination Center of the National Gendarmerie, Major Samir Bouchait, explained today, Wednesday, that his interests “recorded across the jurisdiction during the days of Eid al-Adha the occurrence of 99 traffic accidents, resulting in the death of 29 people and the injury of 188 others with injuries of varying severity.”
He added that the causes leading to these accidents are related to the human factor, most notably excessive speed, as 24 accidents were recorded due to failure to reduce speed on curves and slopes, 10 accidents due to driver negligence, and 8 accidents due to failure to respect the safety distance.
The state of Tiaret recorded the heaviest toll of these accidents, with the death of 4 people and the injury of 8 others as a result of a collision between two tourist vehicles on the level of National Road No. 14 linking the states of Tiaret and Tsemsilt, specifically in the village of Al-Qubab, municipality of Si Al-Hawas, according to the same source.

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