2023 witnessed the largest recruitment process for university professors


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Kamal Badari, announced that Algeria witnessed in 2023 the largest recruitment campaign at the Algerian university, unprecedented since independence, and included the recruitment of approximately 10,000 professors who hold doctoral and master’s degrees.

Kamal Badari added, when he appeared as a guest on the first radio channel, that there have been no more unemployed holders of master’s and doctorate degrees since July 25, 2023, adding, “Today, every 22 students in Algeria have a professor or instructor, and this represents a source of pride for us among the rest of the countries, and we hope that it will contribute.” This process contributes to the quality of learning and teaching.”

Badari stressed that the President of the Republic attaches great importance to the Algerian University as “a locomotive for economic development and added value to the national economy and scientific and technological radiation,” stressing that he is very keen for the university to keep pace with developments taking place in society, be open to its local surroundings, and shine on the international scene, in accordance with the 41st commitment. From his electoral programme.

Within this context, the Minister of Higher Education considered that the Council of Ministers’ ratification of the basic laws for the category of professors, hospital researchers and permanent researchers, is an achievement for the Algerian University, especially since it included significant incentives and compensation that are praised by everyone and of course contribute to valuing the professor’s profession.

The same speaker stated that the fields of scientific research at the Algerian University keep pace with the needs of the desired economic recovery and are working on finding scientific solutions to the various problems raised in the field of development, including innovation, wealth creation, and job opportunities.

Minister Kamal Badari explained in this context that the university’s 19 scientific research centers, in addition to more than 1,700 laboratories, were directed towards innovation, noting that the universities had recently placed 39 products at the disposal of various industrial sectors in order to manufacture them for the purpose of taking care of the citizen’s needs in the areas of health and food. Energy, tomorrow’s professions, industrial renewal, and citizen well-being.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research stressed that the technical and technological capabilities that Algeria possesses today at the level of research centers can be boasted of to developed countries, and what is important for us is to rationalize, value and develop these capabilities.

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