2000 additional points of sale to ensure the abundance of dry legumes and rice


The National Grain Professional Office revealed that it will soon add 2,000 new selling points, which will be placed by governors at the disposal of the office in order to ensure an abundance of dry legumes and rice and eliminate speculation.
The head of the Department of Sustainable Development for National Production at the National Professional Office for Cereals, Noureddine Amrani, said today, Tuesday, in a statement to Radio One, that “there are currently 741 points of sale for dry legumes and rice at the national level, while more than 2,000 new points of sale will be added soon, which will be put at the disposal of the governors.” Diwan.”
On the other hand, the spokesman added, “The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development plans to raise the area allocated for the cultivation of dry legumes from 90,000 hectares currently to 150,000 hectares in 2025 to meet the demand for this vital material.”
On the other hand, the National Grain Bureau reassured that the prices of dry legumes will not know any increase until the end of the current year.

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