2.3 million electronic payments for students entering university


The Ministry of Post records more than 2.3 million online payments for registration, transportation, and accommodation rights on the occasion of university entry

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications revealed that more than 2.3 million electronic payments were recorded for registration, transportation and accommodation rights on the occasion of university entry 2023/2024, thanks to the digitization efforts it has undertaken while providing infrastructure.

The Ministry explained, through a statement, that the number of online payment transactions using the golden card for registration, transportation, and accommodation rights on the occasion of current university admission reached 2,368,270 transactions, to include, for the first time, payments for registration, re-registration, transportation, and accommodation rights, after they had been limited in recent years to Registration rights for new students only.

The same departments added that the number of registered operations increased by nearly 19 times compared to the year 2022, which recorded 125,618 operations, while this number was estimated at 99,666 operations in 2021 and 64,786 operations in 2020.

The Ministry of Post also highlighted that, in addition to the electronic payment platform, these results were achieved thanks to close coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as part of its digitization efforts, in addition to providing the infrastructure that allows this, especially by doubling the number of gold cards in circulation. In Algeria, the number of cards currently exceeds 12 million, after it did not exceed 6 million cards at the beginning of 2020.

The same interests also attributed this increase to the noticeable improvement in Internet provision indicators in the country, as Algeria currently records more than 5.3 million households connected to the fixed Internet, while this indicator did not exceed 3.5 million households at the beginning of the year 2020, in addition to more than 45 One million mobile Internet subscriptions, after their number did not exceed 37 subscribers at the beginning of 2020.

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