12 million beneficiaries of the Algeria Post golden card


Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, during his visit to the state of Constantine

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Karim Bibi Triki, confirmed, on Monday, from the state of Constantine, that the Algerian postal services at the central level “have completed a total of 6 million gold cards during the last three years,” bringing the total number of beneficiaries of this card at the national level to 12. million.

The minister explained, in a press statement on the sidelines of a field visit to this state, that “the number of golden card holders has moved from 6 million citizens in 2020 to 12 million beneficiaries currently, which is equivalent to double what was accomplished earlier.” He added that providing golden cards and strengthening the Internet allowed citizens to benefit from several services such as electronic payment and access to services that save time and effort, such as viewing the balance and transferring funds electronically.

The Minister confirmed that, within the framework of modernizing the sector and improving public service, a data center has been completed in the municipality of El-Kharroub, and that a similar structure will be inaugurated in the state of Oran during the next week.

According to the explanations provided on site, this structure, which Beppe Triki oversaw its inauguration at the beginning of his field visit to the state of Constantine, is the first of its kind at the national level and has an estimated capacity of 200 advanced cabinets to localize, preserve and protect data from hacking, as each cabinet includes more than 40 IT distributors ensure the shift operation in the event of an outage or cessation of the Internet or networks at the level of public institutions.

During the field visit that led him to the state of Constantine, Pepe Triki in the Ali Mendjeli Administrative District inaugurated two post offices, class 3, one of which bore the name of the deceased fighter Boumenkhour Ammar, in Neighborhood Unit No. 18, and the second in Neighborhood Unit No. 2, named after the deceased fighter Nawili Mohamed, as well as the headquarters of the state postal unit in the same place. Neighborhood unit.

Pepe Triki also visited the project to complete the regional hybrid postal center in the municipality of Constantine, the progress of which has reached 45 percent, and will be received within 5 months after all reservations are lifted and administrative obstacles are resolved.

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