11 million students attend school


More than 11 million students are enrolled in the three educational levels

More than 11 million students in the three educational levels are enrolled in school, on Tuesday, for the academic year 2023/2024, and are supervised by more than half a million teachers from nearly 30,000 educational institutions, under new organizational and pedagogical procedures aimed at achieving qualitative education.

The topic “Children and Information and Communication Technologies” will be the focus of the opening lesson for the academic year (2023/2024) for primary and middle school students, while the topic “Strengthening National Cohesion” is designated for secondary school students.

The topic “Children and Information and Communication Technologies” was adopted as an introductory lesson for primary and middle school students, due to “the impact of these technologies on most groups of society, especially the student group,” as the misuse of these technologies causes a state of addiction among children and adolescents, and also negatively affects their health. Psychological and their academic achievement.

On the other hand, the Ministry confirmed that adopting the topic “Strengthening National Cohesion” for secondary school students aims to “sensitize the students, instill in them the spirit of belonging to this country and pride in its sanctities, instill the principle of national unity and adherence to it, and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among members of society.”

The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, while chairing a Council of Ministers meeting last Tuesday, instructed the Ministers of the Interior, Local Governments, Urban Planning, and National Education to take all measures to make school entry a success. He also ordered that poor and weak municipalities be exempted from the burdens and costs of sponsoring primary schools, provided that The state bears this full responsibility.

The new academic season in the pedagogical section will witness many developments, in addition to the subject of physical education and sports in the primary education stage, which is supervised by about 12,788 specialized teachers, and the adoption of pedagogical treatment for first-year intermediate students.

In the same context, all schools were provided with sports facilities and the curriculum for teaching this subject was adapted by specialized professors. The Ministry of National Education also announced the amendment of the network of timings for the primary education stage starting from the academic year 2024/2025, revealing the unification of entry and exit times and the dispensation of class. Processing.

With regard to teaching the English language subject, this also relates to the establishment of this subject in the fourth year of primary education, where the book for this subject was printed and distributed to various points of sale and educational institutions, in addition to the appointment of professors in this specialty and the conduct of training in the period extending from 7 to September 18th.

The next school year will also include expanding the use of digital signs by equipping 1,200 new primary schools, after 1,629 primary schools were equipped with digital signs last year for the benefit of students in the third, fourth, and fifth years of primary education, in addition to the inclusion of traffic education and the employment of 400 assistants in school life to accompany students with autism. More than 77 million textbooks were printed.

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